We used a mix of content delivered through various social media channels, fed from Phillip’s own website, to define and deliver his messages.

Our two main styles of material were video debates in a podcast style, and a series of blogs related to current events and news hooks on the one hand, and explanations of Phillip’s philosophy on the other.

We created a new website with a contemporary look and hard-hitting style. We positioned Phillip as a champion of under-represented audiences, and a no-nonsense teller of the truth. His vision is a blend of ancient wisdom with 21st-Century business savvy.


In little over 6 months, we reached an audience of 1 million people with the programme. Phillip’s profile has grown through a combination of topical commentary in a highly personal style, and judicious guest commentators from both Houses of Parliament, leading lights in education and academia, and a selection of top tier journalists.