Journey’s End sells in over 30 territories around the world, yet has a small core team, many of whom are based outside South Africa.

Our plans were crafted to suit the constraints of Covid policies, diverse markets and audiences, a wide range of delivery channels and a broad sweep of communications and messaging requirements. In other words, we had to make smart choices to sweat the content!

We used a local Cape Town production partner to maximise our film content – blending interviews and set-piece filming opportunities, with newsgathering style reportage from local community events, along with drones and stills photography to fill out the archive.

Graphics and animations tell the parts of the story we couldn’t film, and in some cases extend the reach of the messaging (for example using QR codes on labels or Augmented Reality to bring to life the South African location for European consumers).


The above snapshot is a highly-condensed version of 2.5 years of activity. The advantage we bring at The Story Board is that we can work across many disciplines in communications.

Often we find that what starts out as a commission for a single project unlocks value for management across a broad sweep of corporate activity. Working to communicate well on one topic is the way to develop a deeper understanding of strategic imperatives.