Chapel Down from Jules Heynes on Vimeo.


Two films with various edits for multiple uses.

  1. One for the wine making side of the business. This showed the scale of the existing vineyards and winery; what the fund-raising could achieve and detailed the offer. We blended interviews and b-roll with infographics to make sure we covered everything in the time allowed
  2. One to raise money to build a new brewery. A similar style of film, again blending live action with graphics



Successful fund-raising.

  1. It was important to convey brand values like the independent minded approach of Chapel Down and the challenge English wine is bringing to the marketplace. We found the CEO to be an excellent ambassador for the business and used him heavily throughout the films
  2. The financial side of the offer needed to be clear and compelling. We also needed to be able to edit it out afterwards for more general introductory versions without losing the flow of the films
  3. The Seedrs website told our client the films were the best they had ever had on the site