Northumbrian Water IS Achievements Film from Jules Heynes on Vimeo.


We focused on two core films that could be re-edited for onward use as necessary.

  • A film featuring as many as possible of the business functions and team leaders from the IS division for use at the annual conference
  • A film for suppliers and partners to understand the company’s new strategy and how its data management and information processing would function


An extremely important but complex and visually-challenging part of the business was brought to life on film and a major internal project celebrated staff achievement throughout the business.

  1. We managed to cover every business function and represent all of them either through b-roll, voxpops, interviews or graphics and animation
  2. An introductory partner and supplier presentation that usually had to be given by the CIO and lasted upwards of 2 hours was delivered on-demand in under 30 minutes
  3. We provided multiple edits of the internal film so it could be used throughout the day at the employee event as well as relevant sections being used afterwards internally