A two-stage process in the months leading up to the event.

  1. Create hand-drawn animation to allow CEO to be at the heart of the story. This helps to clarify strategy and underline how values play vital part in achieving the corporate vision.
  2. Separate element to bring the values to life. We asked employees to submit their own videos to show what had most made their hearts race in the last 12 months. Uplifting compilation of clips helped them to realise they had the passion and drive to succeed.


Massive positive response from the event. CEO and team so pleased we made another film on future product development.

  1. The vision was clearly set out in a 5 minute film, meaning the CEO could take the discussion further in his presentation
  2. It allowed the client to extend the value of the day by sharing parts of the film again afterwards as a reminder
  3. It also worked to support talent management, as part of both recruitment and induction processes